Yoruba-English / English-Yoruba Hipp Concise Dictionary

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This unique bilingual dictionary gives English speakers and other non-Yoruba a tool with which to learn one of the national languages of Nigeria, while simultaneously giving Yoruba scholars, students, and educators a voice to reach each other and the rest of the world in their native language. Includes: a comprehensive review of the Yoruba alphabet and tonal system; more than 26,000 total word-to-word dictionary entries (no definitions), which include medical terms, the basic elements, and plant and animal taxonomy; a grammar section that includes part of speech and sentence structure; a list of Yoruba and English word roots, prefixes, and suffixes; and an appendix of scientific measurements and rudimentary mathematical terminology.


ISBN: 9780781809788
Publication: Hippocrene
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 674
Entries: 26000

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