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English for beginners

Simple ESL workbooks with downloads and videos available at basciesl.com. Great for adult literacy, students and parents. No third party ads on site.

Bilingual Bear

Students can practice their vocabulary and English pronunciation with our picture dictionary videos. Available on YouTube.



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Showing 121 - 144 of 159 products

Showing 121 - 144 of 159 products
Guarani-English/English-Guarani Hipp Concise Dictionary
Greek-English / English-Greek Hipp Concise Dictionary
Greek BD Word to Word® Dictionary
Farsi-English and English-Farsi Dictionary
English-Telugu Dictionary
Sale price$34.95
English-Telugu Dictionary
English Pocket Oxford American Dictionary
English Pocket Oxford American Thesaurus
English McGraw-Hill Essential ESL Dictionary
Dari-English / English-Dari Hipp Practical Dictionary
Dari-English / English-Dari Hipp Dictionary & Phrasebook
Czech-English / English-Czech Hipp Practical Dictionary
Croatian-English and English-Croatian Dictionary
Chinese Elite Culture Dictionary (Monolingual)
Chinese Concise Far East Dictionary
Chinese (Mandarin) BD Word to Word® with Subject Vocab
Cebuano-English / English-Cebuano Dictionary
Cambodian-English and English-Cambodian Dictionary
Cambodian BD Word to Word® Dictionary
Burmese-English Dictionary
Sale price$39.95
Burmese-English Dictionary

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