Amharic BD Word to Word® Dictionary

Amharic BD Word to Word® Dictionary

Albanian BD Word to Word® Dictionary

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Bilingual Dictionaries, Inc. is the publisher of the Word to Word® bilingual dictionaries series with over 30 languages that are 100% Word to Word®. The Word to Word® series provides ELL students with standardized bilingual dictionaries approved for state testing. Students with different backgrounds can now use dictionaries from the same series that are specifically designed to create an equal resource that strictly adheres to the guidelines set by districts and states.

Sesma’s Albanian Word to Word® Bilingual Dictionary was created specifically with students in mind to be used for reference and testing. This dictionary contains approximately 18,000 entries targeting common words used in the English language.

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Language Albanian
ISBN 9780933146495
Publisher Bilingual Dictionaries, Inc.
Cover Paperback
Entries 18000
Pages 306
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